Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspection*

other_services_1I provide top-grade home inspections and set up licensed WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspections. Whether it is mandatory by your lender, as with FHA or VA loans, or you just want to ensure your new home is free and clear of wood destroying insects, I will ensure your home is thoroughly evaluated. My contractors abide by the strict standards of the Texas Department of Agriculture. Wood Destroying Insects can do significant damage to a structure if they are not identified and eliminated.

Pool/Spa Inspection*

other_services_2Your pool and spa require proper inspection and repair so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Your pool cleaning and maintenance company is only responsible for your pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Using a comprehensive checklist, my contractors will inspect your pool and spa for any issues and will ensure their proper condition and function, as well as your family’s safety.

Water Well Inspection*

A private water well system on your property should be inspected prior to your closing. There are many issues that can face the homeowner or potential home buyers concerning water wells. The location of the well, the depth of the well, the type of equipment used and the operation of the system should all be inspected. Having to replace or relocate a well is a large and costly project.


Septic System Inspection*

other_services_3Many people have heard nightmare stories about septic systems backing up and the things homeowners have had to go through to fix them. In the State of Texas, the aerobic septic systems must be inspected 3-4 times a year by a licensed septic professional. This is a maintenance program required by the State of Texas and is not optional. More information can be found by visiting the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website.
Septic systems are recommended to be pumped about every three years. This will cost approximately $300 depending on the size of the septic tanks. Many homes with the conventional style systems have never been touched or pumped and had no problems. It is best to err on the side of caution and to pump your system periodically for peace of mind. This is especially true if you are purchasing a home with either type of septic systems.


Stucco Siding Inspection*

other_services_4Before beginning any stucco repair, an evaluation, by a licensed inspector, of the stucco should be undertaken to determine the extent of the damage, and how much must be replaced or repaired. Testing should be performed on all sections of the building to determine the overall condition of the stucco. Some areas in need of repair will be clearly evidenced by missing sections of stucco or stucco layers. Bulging or cracked areas are obvious places to begin. Unsound or soft areas that have lost their key will echo with a hollow sound when tapped gently with a wooden or acrylic hammer or mallet.


* Five Star Inspection Services provides quality home inspections. For specialty inspections Five Star Inspection Services may contract with a 3rd party to ensure an accurate and timely inspection is performed. Five Star Inspection Services is diligent in ensuring that all contracted inspectors are licensed and insured, to ensure that the customers needs are met.